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"you've reached Bakura"
"I likely have no interest in speaking with you,
but since you've bothered me anyway, get on with it."

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this is Bakura, leave a message
"Sorry, away doing something probably illegal and dangerous
But I will return your call soon assuming I don't just steal your soul."

Messages sent to and from the anon identifying himself as "Shen"
will always be delivered to and from various public cafe consoles
and thus not connected to Bakura ICly. But for OOC convenience,
they can be threaded out on this voicemail post.

Dojo Stuff

May. 15th, 2015 03:33 pm
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(more often just called "Jade Dojo")

Originally opened in the Wood Sector by Dinah Lance, it was taken over by Korra in December 2013 when Dinah departed Keeliai. Having hired on Ryou to work there, it passed to him when the Avatar returned home as well. After the defeat of Malicant at the end of 2014, ending in the year-long stint in the Dreaming before the Foreigner's return to Keeliai, Bakura then claimed and reopened the dojo following Ryou's departure at the end of January 2015.

Current Staff

Owner: Bakura
Foreigner Instructors: Valdis, Gene Khan, Pepper Potts (assisting)
Instructors: Senygi (female), Arodo (male)
Bookkeepers: Sonja
Custodians: - HIRING -

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Aug. 9th, 2014 11:15 pm
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All listed ages as of the Kul Elna massacre, at which Bakura is 5 years old.

List of Kul Elna Personages )
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Here are some of the people Bakura has interacted with and who've left an impression on him, whether good, bad, or otherwise. Sometimes the listed opinions will seem contradictory, but Bakura can come across as a random sort of guy.

an ongoing project; relationships on the turtle )
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