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denyamenti: (always better the devil that you know)

We are the Dead, xese-k em ta

those who have been turned back upon the world

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Name:Yami no Bakura
Birthdate:Nov 25

{ A thief and a stealer of souls... }
Yami no Bakura is the current form of the soul of the Thief King, a spirit
from the Ancient Egyptian past who has been trapped in the Sennen Ring
for millennia. As a survivor of the massacre of Kul Elna from which the
Items were forged, his existence has been dictated by a consuming
quest for vengeance against the Pharaoh's dynasty. Propelled 3000
years into the future, he possessed a boy named Ryou and tried
to continue his vendetta against the Nameless Pharaoh, only to
be defeated in the last round of the master's game. With his
kaa destroyed and his created body forfeit to the Shadow
Game he began, the thief's existence should have
been at an end. Instead he finds himself trapped
between worlds, neither dead nor alive, and still
bearing the unavenged ghosts of his people.

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played by li @ [community profile] tushanshu

"Listen up, listen up, there's a devil in the church
Got a bullet in the chamber and this is gonna hurt.
Let it out, let it out, you can scream and you can shout
Keep your secrets in the shadows and you'll be sorry."

( Sixx: A.M. - This Is Gonna Hurt )

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