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[tushanshu] IC INBOX

this is Bakura, leave a message
"Sorry, away doing something probably illegal and dangerous
But I will return your call soon assuming I don't just steal your soul."

Messages sent to and from the anon identifying himself as "Shen"
will always be delivered to and from various public cafe consoles
and thus not connected to Bakura ICly. But for OOC convenience,
they can be threaded out on this voicemail post.

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Happy birthday, Hvit Hevner...
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[She knows that he doesn't speak the language and normally she wouldn't bother translating, but due to the nature of the name, and the reasoning behind it, it only felt right to tell him.]

It means White Avenger.

[There was power in names, and to know the meaning of such a name was to own it completely]
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There is power in that name...

[More than he knew...It was, perhaps, one of the most precious gifts she could give and she wasn't entirely certain what had prompted her to give him, of all people, that sort of power.]

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Do I?

[She supposed that she usually did, chaos and all that. So the question she should have asked herself was whether or not she actually trusted Bakura to not abuse the gift, once he discovered what it meant.]

Has something else changed?

[She knew his ghosts were back, though she didn't know exactly why or how.]
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I'm glad.

[There's a long pause.]

Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?
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The names you give to people, how do you choose them?
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[His answer wasn't so different from her own method for choosing names. In addition, he might change someone's name, just as she did, but she sensed that for him a name change was probably rare.]

And your reason for giving people names in your own tongue?
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[It was a dead language, probably fluently known only to him. His ghosts might be his purpose for existing, but perhaps he really did hold love for Egypt.]

That's a good reason.
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Why did you change mine?

[She wasn't unthankful for the name change, 'Butcher' had been quite harsh, but then again, she supposed that she had originally named him just as harshly]
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I see...[That meant a lot coming from someone like Bakura]

In my world, people have many names. Their own name, the one they are born with, and then names given to them by others.

These other names are always unique to the individual giving them. They often evolve and change over time. Most are never spoken and even fewer are translated.

[She sighed]

And I must be crazy for trusting you, but but no one said sanity was my strong suit.
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Because it defines and shows commitment to an intangible idea.

[She is silent for a few moments and then she sighs.]

But once spoken, it becomes an exchange of power...
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Knowing your name and its meaning gives you power over the giver.

[it wasn't an absolute power, nor was it permanent]

During the hunt for the Vilii stone, when some of us were possessed by the taint, Anton used the name I gave him to break Malicant's hold on me.
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Perhaps not... Anton could wield this power as an extension of his own strength, but even if he knew how, he probably wouldn't.

But for you, it is a double edged sword. Use it wisely or risk being bitten afterward.

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